Schrift 10 - Pagina 1

Zie bevrijdingsschrift No. 8
bladzijde 203.

A civilian speaks
The following is a letter written bij Rev. H. de Vos,
D.D. of Sneek, to members of the Perth Regiment.

It will give you an idea how the townspeople feel
towards us.

C.C.C.S. You wonder what these four letters
mean?I will tell you.
We civilians, too, have heard that you must
stay longer in Sneek than you had ex-
pected and hoped. We are very sorry for
you because we can understand that you
are longing for your homes. But now you
cannot go away: we must try to make
the best of it.
I say ´we´´. Not only you must try it but we civilians
of Sneek too. You must
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